Your sex life and marriage will thank you.

Your sex life and marriage will thank you.

Get ready to love your sex life as much as you love your husband.

from pressure to passion

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    Coming in September

    From Pressure to Passion: For Women Ready to Love Sex with Their Husband

    I thought I was the only one struggling to create a sex life I loved … After years of uncovering several key shifts in how I viewed sex and understood my body, I realized my struggles were not unique. 

    Here’s the good news, it doesn’t need to take you years to uncover a thriving and joyful sexual relationship because I’ve got you covered! You’ll learn the simple steps you need to love your sex life.

    Ready for your life to change?


    While you wait ...

    Overwhelmed, touched out, and please not tonight . . .

    Overwhelmed, touched out, and please not tonight . . . 

    Does this ring a bell?


    You ALREADY feel like you’re doing it all, and now you need to add sex to your list?


    If you pretend to be asleep, maybe he’ll stop rubbing your back . . . 


    Clingy toddlers, diapers, and tantrums, oh my — “Please don’t touch me.”


    Desire for sex? hmmm . . . "Nope!"

    “This course has been healing and encouraging.”

    “This course is worth every penny and I would 100% recommend. I laughed! I cried! This course has been healing and encouraging.”

    — BONNIE

    but guess what...

    Five years ago, I was unfulfilled, overwhelmed, and felt broken. 

    I didn’t realize how much my misconceptions about sex injured not only our sex life, but also our marriage and myself. I waited too long to make changes. I don’t want the same for you! 

    I cheated my family out of a better and healthier version of myself. 

    but guess what...

    Five years ago,
    I was unfulfilled, overwhelmed, and felt broken. 

    I didn’t realize how much my misconceptions about sex injured not only our sex life, but also our marriage and myself. I waited too long to make changes. I don’t want the same for you! 

    I cheated my family out of a better and healthier version of myself. 

    Full of insightful, relatable, and eye-opening perspectives, you’ll find there is so much more to love about sex than you ever imagined.

    From Pressure to Passion


    You know those well-known facts about sex? Well, most of what you believe probably isn’t actually true, or helpful. We’ll bust through the myths and you’ll uncover the deeper meaning of sex.

    How you feel about your body is one of the biggest things that can impact your sex life. I’ll teach you how to find peace with your body and start to recognize and awaken your arousal.

    Here's What You'll Learn

    Uncovering the Myths

    Find Peace With Your Body

    Module 1

    Module 2

    You know how you don’t have desire? No, I don’t. Cause that’s actually FALSE! After this module, you’ll know how to access the sexual desire you thought you didn’t have.

    Reinventing Desire

    module 4

    It’s surprising how little any of us know about our anatomy and sexual functioning. By the end of this module you’ll feel confident about how to make sex feel good for you.

    Learn Your Anatomy

    module 3


    It sometimes feels like helping your relationships when you silence your conflicting views. But silencing yourself actually prevents you from having the deep meaningful relationships you want! You will finish this module with the tools to not only find yourself and show up more authentically in all your relationships, but also to nurture a deeper connection with your spouse.

    Fostering Authenticity

    module 5

    Uncover the deeper meaning of sex.

    How does this sound?

    Find peace with your body.



    the results you're going to get:

    Feel confident to make sex feel good for you.


    Access the sexual desire you thought you didn’t have.


    Nurture deeper patterns of connection with your spouse.


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      “As a couples therapist I thought I knew (pretty much) everything there was to know about female sexuality, but Ariel brought so much more to my perspective not just about sexuality, but about truly becoming your authentic, best self. I highly recommend this class to any woman at any stage of marriage. It is high quality and grounded in research.”

      - kelly

      Kind words


      “So many light bulb moments! This course is informative respectful and empowering!”

      - jamie

      Kind words


      A year from now you will have wished you started today...

      So let's do this!

      “Becoming aware of my internalized beliefs about my desirability ... was mind blowing."

      “Becoming aware of my internalized beliefs about my desirability (mostly that they are damaging to me and my marriage) was mind blowing. No more self-silencing! I have a self and I CAN bring that fully to intimacy with my husband.”

      Hannah uncovered her hurtful beliefs

      Yes, It Really Works

      “I cannot recommend her courses enough!”

      “Ariel’s seminars have taught me so much about desire, intimacy, anatomy, and authenticity. It has been an empowering experience. I cannot recommend her courses enough!”

      Taya was empowered

      "Loved every moment of her seminar."

      “Ariel is incredibly knowledgeable and treats a sensitive subject with such care and competence. Loved every moment of her seminar.”

      sierra loved it all

      From Pressure to Passion arms you with the knowledge to level up your marriage.

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        As a mom of 4, I know how demanding family life and littles can be. But creating a deep and beautiful connection with your spouse is worth the effort. I'll help you uncover the joy and fulfillment you deserve in sex.

        You have the potential to create a beautiful and deeply fulfilling sex life. But if you’re anything like me, you need help to take your relationship to the next level.

        You're in the right place.

        “Eye opening and life changing course!”

        — Katlynne

        Replace harmful myths with truths that serve you.

        Find peace with your body and sexuality.

        Have open and honest conversations with your spouse about sex.

        Know how to access your desire.

        Gain the confidence to be authentically you.

        Know how to foster deeper patterns of connection.

        By the end of this, you will...

        Save my seat

        “Full of information! Engaging and thought provoking. If one takes to heart this journey of discovery outside of the classroom, their life will only improve. Authentic, vulnerable, and heartfelt.”

        - Hailey

        "If one takes to heart this journey of discovery outside of the classroom, their life will only improve"

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        "Not only did I learn so much about myself and my own desire, but I also learned about how much I love and appreciate my husband!”

        - Ali

        "This class was absolutely fabulous!"

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        I’m Ariel, your new best mom friend and hype girl!

        I love helping women uncover more joy and fulfillment in sex. Strengthen your marriage through shame-free and comfortable sex education. Stay in your sweats, get some hot cocoa, and let’s sit on your couch and chat while our kids play.

        more about me

        Hi friend!

        I was just like you...

        Even though I didn’t used to love sex, I believed sex could be empowering and fulfilling, but I didn’t know how to make it that way. Instead of having sex because of the deep connection and love it brought into our relationship, I did it to keep my husband happy or in an attempt to find deeper connection. It didn’t work. I felt unfulfilled, lonely, and unhappy.

        After years of searching, I discovered that making several fundamental shifts in beliefs about my body, sex, desire, and relationships made all the difference to create a sex life that was empowering and fulfilling. So I went back to school to get my Master’s so I could bring the goodness to you. Now, I love sex and will teach you how to do the same.

        You can uncover joy and fulfillment in sex as well!

        But it wasn't always this way.

        This course is the only one of its kind because...

        You get weekly access to me

        Every week you can submit anonymous questions for a live Q&A. I’m here to support you through your journey, and I’m not going anywhere! I will share what has helped me, what research shows, and give you all the insight into tips and tricks to make sure you succeed in your journey. I’ve got you.

        You get faith based education without shame, embarrassment, or unhelpful metaphors.

        Even though my faith-tradition instilled the belief in me that marriage is a gift from God, sex still somehow seemed dirty and embarrassing … You won’t find that here. I believe that sex can be one of the most beautiful and binding parts of your marriage, and we’ll talk about it in open and honest ways (without the unhelpful metaphors from Sunday School). You won’t go away scratching your head wondering what key to your life’s happiness you missed because you didn’t understand what brownies had to do with sex. You’ll feel empowered and hopeful that you can love this part of your relationship completely free of shame.

        Learn from other women with similar struggles.

        Finding a safe space to talk about sex is like trying to find reality from “The Bachelor.” But … you really want to get the inside scoop of what is helping others work through similar struggles. I hear you! And that’s why I created the Ladies Talking Love Mastermind Groups. 

        You’ll be grouped with a small group of women (your new besties) who will give you tons of ideas to spark open and honest conversations with your spouse, check in on your goals, give you ideas to work through your struggles, and be there as your own personal hype squad. Each group will also get to have a facilitator (Me!) who has a Master’s degree in this stuff to make sure things stay helpful and positive.

        No Sleaze Allowed

        Everything in this course is relationship and faith based. You won’t be pushed to try things that are against your religious or personal values. This course is for couples in long-term, committed relationships.

        This program includes everything you need to uncover the joy and fulfillment you deserve in sex.

        In healthy, committed relationships, we often just need women focused insight to know how to breach the barriers holding us back from the deep love and belonging our relationship can offer. The barrier between our own happiness is often ourselves, and I’m going to help you get out of your way.

        Reframing hurtful beliefs

        Understanding your potential for pleasure

        Becoming your best self

        Fostering deep love and connection with your spouse

        Feeling empowered and fulfilled

        Finding joy in your sex life

        If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* prioritize your relationship by:

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        You are guaranteed a full refund within 60 days of purchase. If it’s not a good fit — I will give you a full refund. No strings attached. If you’re not STOKED about what you’re learning, it’s not worth your money.

        money back 


        This is for you if:

        You want deeper love and connection

        You aren’t willing to do the work that will improve your relationship

        You’re tired of feeling unfulfilled

        You don’t have beliefs that impair how you show up sexually 

        You struggle to orgasm

        It's probably not for you if...


        You want to love sex

        You aren’t ready to love sex

        Let's Do This!

        So what are you waiting for?

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          How do I know if this course is a good fit?

          If you are in a committed relationship and want sex to be a more fulfilling part of your relationship; then this course is for you.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          How long does it usually take people to finish the course?

          I will be giving you access to approximately 1 module per week throughout the duration of the course (6 weeks). You can easily get through the course content in about 2 - 3 hours per week, but may want to spend more time talking over the handouts with your partner each week. AND you have lifetime access, so you will never get behind and can always revisit any part of the course.

          How will this course help me?

          I have structured this course to give you relevant, relatable, and research based sex education that will help you uncover more joy and fulfillment in your sexual relationship with your spouse. You will learn how to confront unhelpful beliefs that negatively impact your sex life and incorporate the tools you need to create a thriving and beautiful sexual relationship.

          Should I share what I learn with my partner?

          YES!! That is one of the main purposes of the course. To understand ourselves, it helps to learn from other women, but then go back to your partner and share and talk and practice what you learn!

          I already feel overwhelmed.  How can I add one more thing to my plate?

          This is so real! The answers I needed were just beyond my reach but I felt too overwhelmed to add anything else. But can I tell you something? Just taking 10 minutes a day to watch a short video will be enough to get you started. As you apply the principles I teach, you’ll find what you need to thrive at this stage of your life — and you know what? Even feel less overwhelmed.

          Can I share the course with others?

          You and your partner can share the course, and even though I want everyone to have access to what we cover, other individuals will need to buy their own course in order to access it.

          Who is not a good fit for this course?

          If you are in an unhealthy relationship and experiencing abuse or trauma from past experiences, this course may not be a great fit. This course does not replace therapy. Please seek professional help as needed. If you have extensively study sexual health education this course may not be as helpful for you.

          How long will I have to refer back to the course content?

          You have life-time access! So implement and learn, and then come back weeks, months, or years later as needed.

          shoot me an email

          I get it!  Investing in yourself can feel selfish and scary.  I want you to be completely confident when you make your purchase.  So shoot me an email with any questions or concerns you want to discuss!

          Still on the fence?